DreamHost España 2016

DreamHost review written by: georgejoseph DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) is a web hosting service, which offers hosting package with unlimited features for low price plan. The company promises 100 percent up-time http://Mejoreshosting.pro, which is definitely a bold promise. Ruby on Rails, PERL 5, Python, CGI, MySQL 5 database, SSL, SSI, et are the supported features of the company.


DreamHost España: Makes Everything Easy

DreamHost charges $8.95 per month for one shared web-hosting plan. Besides, the company also offers unlimited storage with this amount. However, implementation of SSL may not go perfect if you want to host online stores or multiple blogs. So, you should select accordingly. The cost of lowest priced DreamHost plan is $15 per month. The most expensive PS plan at DreamHost costs $400 per month. You will get 4000 MB of RAM with this amount. Though the cost is high, it is worth because the users get unlimited storage/bandwidth with this amount.

There are 2 different data facilities for DreamHost. These facilities are located in Los Angeles. The entire staffs of the company are US residents. So, you will get top-class support from one place. You can find ESL speakers for handling basic problems. The support team of the company is highly professional, so they can handle and address all the problems of customers. Friendly attitude of the support team of DreamHost is helpful for getting the best support. All these features make the company unique.


You can use single SSL certificate if you want to get unlimited bandwidth/storage shared webhosting plan. If your hosting needs are more robust, you can select VPS plans. However, setting up additional SSL certificate with multiple site is difficult. But in some cases, it is really possible. If you want to set-up separate sites with different SSL certificates, DreamHost is not the ideal option. Even in service stand point, DreamHost.com is not so impressive. In fact, the company offers a fantastic money back guarantee, but their telephone support is very poor.