Why You Do Want to Shop at the Boutiques in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires, Argentina is considered one of the more cultural centers of the city. A sub-neighborhood to the barrio of Palermo Viejo, and named after the Soho area of New York City because of the artistic influence, Palermo Soho is where you will find local artists, writers, painters, metal smiths and definitely clothing designers. Where you can always walk into a department store and buy name brand clothing, shopping in Palermo Soho is quite a different experience. In fact you want to shop at the boutiques in Palermo Soho because of the rising talent and the great influx of startup boutiques in that area.

Palermo Soho is known for being the hub of artists of all walks of life. It is also home to many independent designer labels and large number of boutiques. Most designers that have made it big may or may not have started out as an independent label, but for certain Buenos Aires, Argentina has a great number of small designer labels and many of which are sold right in the boutiques of Palermo Soho.

Palermo Soho primarily occupies the space between Niceto Vega and El Salvador. lugares turisticos en corrientes argentina Known by locals and tourists alike as the fashion center of the area, Palermo Soho is where you will find high fashions and starter fashions from some of Argentina’s newest designers. You will definitely want to shop at the boutiques in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires to find one of a kind creations, funky new styles and definitely original hard to find fashions. The many boutiques in Palermo Soho include shops that sell candles, bed and bath items, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and much more.

The key to shopping at the boutiques is to spend a little time walking the area and this is definitely an area conducive to walking. Peruse the various shops and talk to the shopkeepers and designers. You will quickly find why you do want to shop at the boutiques in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires. Many clothing designers feature limited editions of some of their lines making it a great buy and definitely an original for today’s contemporary woman.

On weekends in the Palermo Soho area artists set up as vendors and sell their designs to passersby. Whether you are looking for original jewelry pieces, handbags, artwork or clothing, shopping on weekends amidst the vendors set up around Plaza Serrano and Plaza Palermo Viejo is definitely the place to be. This is also the ideal place to pick up souvenirs that are unlike any others and are perfect for loved ones back home.